Pretty excited for my new-to-me wheels 🚲 to get me to and from work for the summer.

I’m making it my movement challenge for myself to bike to work as much as possible.

I’ve made lots of reasons not to in the past:

- I didn’t even think of it! Why bike, when I could drive?! 😆🤷‍♀️
- I didn’t want to be sweaty before work
- I wanted to save time (efficiency, efficiency, efficiency!)
- I didn’t want to bike up the big hill back to my house.

But if I look at a few of the positives:

- Why drive, when I could bike?!
- I live very close to work
- I could start the day with movement and fresh air
- I get to bike downhill on the way there, which should reduce the ‘sweatiness at work’ worry 😅

Sometimes it can all be in our perspective. And I won’t know if I like the routine unless I try it.

Plus. This bike is special. It was my Mom’s. And it gives me an excuse to ride it 💗💗💗

How are you moving more this season?