This time of year most people go to Italy for pizza, pasta, gelato, and summer holidays🌞

Meanwhile I went for a summer school on Climate Change and International Law with added benefit of meeting passionate people and seeing my Italian friends again of cause 🌍

I had the pleasure of attending a week long seasonal school in Pisa at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. We learned about climate change litigation cases around the world and specifically in Europe, we discussed the climate change - security, -gender, and -migration nexus. We had simulations negotiating international climate change agreements and developed a legal strategy for a climate case in Italy. All while almost melting away in the heatwave brought to Europe by climate change.

The video I share at the end of this post is a statement I read in a climate negotiation simulation. None of the statements are any new information and most of it is taken from a collection of previous statements by the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) so I do not claim that these words are mine but I fully support them and I wanted to share them because the more awareness we can raise on this the better!

Loss and damage is a topic I am very passionate about and it is a major international negotiation obstacle that will shape future climate negotiation and will continue to block progress unless efforts are made to find international solutions and solidarity on it!

Thank you to my fellow classmates and of cause Martina, who first invited me as a speaker on intergenerational climate justice at a seasonal school in February and then inspired me to come for such stimulating week of learning and discussion now in July. Let's continue working for a just future

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