Second week of volunteering with wwfspain - second island. We changed island to Ons which is a wonderful island in the Atlantic Ocean. On Ons is a little village where around 40 people live the hole year and tourists can stay there during summertime. The nature around is super beautiful and is full of biodiversity.

Suddenly the climate crisis overshadowed all this beauty on the island.

One night we were in the island’s restaurant and watched the Women’s EURO and the mood was super good.
In the halftime some Spanish news where on the screen. Immediately nobody talked, everyone stared at the screen and stopped eating. After a view seconds some people started shaking there heads and some people had tears in there eyes because they couldn’t believe how huge the wildfires in Spain are right now.
The climate crisis is here! And everywhere!

We see now firefighters all over the world who fight against the flames from the wildfire.
In many regions in Spain are temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius and it seems not that it will cool down soon and water is getting scarce.

I couldn’t go home with my Interrail ticket because on the rails is fire, on the road as well, so I couldn’t take the bus neither. I needed to get to the next airport to get a plane away from the wildfires.

But the people who live there can’t go. They can’t take the plane. They can’t save their house and some of them even lost their loved ones or there own lives.

This is now happening in Europe but many countries in the global south are suffering under the consequences even harder and since a longer period of time.
I’m speechless when I see all this without some action from the politicians.

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