Faces of SkyFire: Meet Rining Clément!

A first year apprentice with our Calgary crew, Rining or Rin as some call him, believes the shift towards renewable energy is important given our current environmental climate. Seeing the industry as rapidly growing with lots of opportunity for work, Rin has been able to grow his knowledge of solar and the industry and share it with others who are interested.

He admits that at times his job can be physically and mentally demanding, having to work on rooftops in all elements, from the freezing middle of winter to blazing hot summer days. Keeping morale high on those days is important and Rin says his co-workers have been doing that ever since he can remember! With his co-workers describing him as energetic, hardworking and compassionate, it is no surprise his co-workers find him just as supportive as he does them.

The supportive crews and work culture here at SkyFire have facilitated Rin’s learning both with general electrical work and solar. Working on any size of array, Rin says it's pretty cool to install systems knowing that they will continue to draw power for years after the initial installation. On top of that, he loves getting to see and meet customers who are interested and excited throughout the process and says it definitely makes his work feel even more worthwhile!☀

When Rin is off the clock he can almost always be found catching up on sleep after a long work week or going skateboarding and catching up with friends over a few beers.

Also how great does this system behind him look?! Yesterday Rin and his crew finished putting this array up on one of our other staff's houses.

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