It’s a work of #art! And a #climate saving machine. Our new Watson #composter has been carefully crafted thanks to top quality recycled timber from thorsrecycled and the hard work from hardwoodprojects. Luke and his team braved the early Winter cold snap to get this job done. The final finishing touches are going to be added this week. We can’t wait to start using it.

The timbers are so beautiful it’s almost a shame to dirty it up with #compost... almost. Join us next Sunday, 26 June at 2pm when we will ‘christen’ it by loading it up with some semi-compost to get it started. Come with all of your questions on #communitycomposting and just how beneficial avoiding #methane is. Brook will host an info session for anyone that wants to know more about how we operate, and why.

We’re extra excited about this new composter as it is the second one we have installed in Watson. This means that our operations get even more efficient and maximises the use of our electric trike for #carbonneutral micro-hauling.

Thanks Luke and team, we love your work!