Protecting old growth forests, implementing soil carbon markets, improving carbon accounting— check out the latest #ClimateSolutions straight from Woodwell Climate scientists.

🌲 #OldGrowth Tongass National Forest deserves better protection

🗺️ Preserving 30-50% of US lands is feasible, effective, and necessary

🔥 Impact of global atmospheric patterns on Arctic-boreal fires

📊 Science-backed recommendations for temperate carbon budgeting

🌳 New research identifies opportunities for improvement in REDD+ implementation

🌲133,000 km2 of #boreal forest at high risk of permanent loss due to fire

🐄 Pasture gaining ground in threatened #Amazon protected area (Serra do Divisor National Park)

🗺️ New maps show plants + soils could store carbon = to annual EU emissions

🐟 Mapping Alaskan subsistence land use to facilitate communication among stakeholders

➕ Studying soil electrical conductivity to better manage Brazilian croplands

📈 Improving organic soil carbon models with carbon fraction data

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(📸 : Photo by Zander Nassikas; Pictured is Dr. Marcia Macedo giving a presentation in Peru in 2018.)

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