Remember, it's the coolest summer for the rest of our lives 🤗😅

Actually though I hate the heat always have, but lately I hate it more because it constantly reminds me of our water crisis we are in. I look back at the photo of me diving into Lake Powell 2yrs ago & I would literally break my neck if I tried to recreate that photo today. I wake up wanting to paddleboard the Columbia River to keep cool, but can't because of toxic algae blooms from major corporations & corrupt government operations polluting our water systems. Or what has been happening down in Hawaii with the military.

I hear the farmers & ranchers concerns over not enough water & having to move their operations, to too much water & flooding/crops/herds being destroyed. Freak weather patterns increase year after year destroying countless livelihoods, making our already unstable economy/markets-- even less stable. Not to mention how these climate issues have been impacting wildlife populations like deer, elk, and salmon. I then see how people blame farmers & ranchers for the water crisis & environmental issues, not realizing that it's actually the system that is preventing positive change.

It's a lot. This world is a lot.

But there are practical solutions we should all be talking about. The first step though is educating yourself in an intersectional way, so you can advocate & clearly communicate practical, realistic solutions on behalf of both producers & consumers. I share lots of educational resources through my stories on here, & if you're not following me on the clock app already, you should. My handle is the same as here. I do a lot of educating, with citations, on there so you can casually add these facts as you talk with others in your life to help them understand these things too. The better you understand these things, the better we can all put consistent, clear, firm pressure on politicians to actually change these systems harming us all!

Have a nice day, & remember if we don't make drastic system change in the next few years, we will continue to hit new record temps every summer until we die 😌

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